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Hello and thank you for being interested in a Custom Painting/Commission! Below is a list of my current price list for the various sizes.

16X20 - $300

18X24 - $500

20X24 - $700

24x36 - $900 

30x40 - $1000

36x48 - $2000

48x60 - $3000 

48x72 - $4000  

You can contact me via the contact page or feel free to email me at  - please include:

  1. The Size You're interested in
  2. A description of your idea

  3. All Reference & Inspiration Photos

  4. Due Date​​

  • If you are interested, we do offer multiple monthly payment plans for commissions over $400 to spread the cost more affordably over time: If interested in this option, please let me know how many months you would like your payment plan to be.​

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